Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers
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Fire Extinguishers

Firstly, you need to know that there are different types of Fire Extinguishers to help you cope most effectively with different fire hazards.

According to the standard BS EN 3, fire extinguishers in the United Kingdom as all throughout Europe are red RAL 3000, and a band or circle of a second color covering between 5–10% of the surface area of the extinguisher indicates the contents. Before 1997, the entire body of the fire extinguisher was color coded according to the type of extinguishing agent.

The UK recognises 6 fire classes:

Class A fires involve organic solids such as paper and wood.
Class B fires involve flammable or combustible liquids, including petrol, grease, and oil.
Class C fires involve flammable gases.
Class D fires involve combustible metals.
Class E fires involve electrical equipment/appliances.
Class F fires involve cooking fat and oil.

See – it’s a bit more complicated than you thought, isn’t it? Contact Us today for Fire Extinguisher Sales, Advice and Training.

Service and Maintenance

Your fire extinguishers will need to be inspected and serviced annually by a competent person to ensure their viability in an emergency. A visit from one of our qualified Engineers will ensure that your equipment is maintained to BS5306 and ready for action when needed.

Our aim is to offer a total fire protection solution – we only propose work that is needed, and we only carry it out with your prior consent, so there is no risk to you. Our staff are not under pressure to achieve sales, unlike many other UK fire safety companies.

We will give you honest and straightforward advice. your inspection certificate will log where each extinguisher is situated and when it is due for its next maintenance.

Contact Us today for help with maintenance and servicing your fire extinguishers.

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