Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training
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Project Description

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling is transporting or supporting loads by hand or using bodily force. Many people hurt their back, arms, hands or feet lifting everyday loads, not just when the load is too heavy.

More than a third of all over-three-day injuries reported each year to HSE and to local authorities are the result of manual handling. These can result in those injured taking an average of 11 working days off each year.

Course Length

The Manual Handling Training Course will run for approximately 4 hours (1/2 Day).

Manual Handling Training Course Syllabus

  • What is manual handling
  • Manual handling Regulations
  • Manual handling injuries
  • Ways of reducing the risk of injury
  • Employers duties
  • Employee duties
  • Avoiding manual handlings
  • Good handling technique
  • Use of handling aids
  • The working environment
  • Individual capacity
  • Risk Assessment of Manual Handling needs

Course Info

Course Duration

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